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I have consolidated my work and put it on a wix site. This site gives the reader a better idea of who I am and where I want to go in life!


Composition is more important than it seems….

[from Kress & van Leeuwen | Reading Images]

We read everything right to left. That is, unless you have to write a Chicago style paper and you need to write left to right in the header. Regardless, it is so ingrained in our brains that we simply read left to right that we don’t really think about it. Kress and VanLeeuwen have thought about it. They made the observation that cultures value how margins are used differently. They say that “reading directions may be the material instantiations of deeply embedded cultural value systems.” Huh? Well it is easier to explain with an example… For instance, those of Asian decent might like the layout better of a central composition. Their hypothesis for this is perhaps “it is the greater emphasis on hierarchy, harmony and continuity in Confucian thinking that makes centering a fundamental organizational principle in the visual semiotic of their culture.”

Basically, these guys, Kress and VanLeeuwen have thought long and hard about composition.

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Michel Foucault

[from Foucault | The Discourse on Language]

Who was Michel Foucault?

  • french modern philoopher 1926-1984
  • interested in the intersection of knowledge, power, language
  • institutionalized control/ infludence on discursive formation and on society lies (discursive: whats written/ said/ communicated through signs, the way things are communicated, formation/invention of messages
  • historian of ideas, historian of systems of thought
  • philologist- study of authenticity of historical records
  • interested in unpacking how knowledge/truth is formed, by whom, in what context, what is included/excluded from the converstion of historical record/ collective body of knowledge and why

his thesis: in every sociery the production of discourse is at once controlled, selected, organised and redistributed according to.a certain number of procedures, whose role is to avert its powers and its dangers, to cope with chance events, to evade its ponderous, awesome materialiry.

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➳ Usability is Key

[from Don’t Make Me Think- Krug + Redish // Writing for the Web]

“If something is usable, a person of average (or even below average) ability and experience can figure out how to use the thing to accomplish something without it being more trouble than its worth” -Krug

So there is a job out there called being a usability professional where your single job is to organize websites so they make sense. This may seem like common sense at first but if you think about all the websites you’ve run across that are hard to navigate, this job is much needed. Steve Krug is an example of someone who has been successful as a usability professional. But, as Krug points out, not everyone can afford to hire a person specifically for their website design. That is why Krug tells us some helpful tips!

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➳ Group Project: WYFF vs SLATE

1. Is this site journalism? Why or why not? Is it both, and if so, how? Show/give examples.

WYFF: Journalism is a discipline that deals with the reporting of facts in an objective manner. WYFF is the Greenville news station that caters primarily to the people of the Upstate by keeping them updated on breaking news, weather, traffic reports, and sports. WYFF is a form of journalism as it provides its readers with applicable stories to their lives.

SLATE: Slate is “a daily magazine on the Web.” It is a form of journalism as it provides facts and opinions about stories and events going on around the world.

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